James authors, maintains and contributes to a number of open source software projects. His authored projects centre around infrastructure as code and the HashiCorp scheduler Nomad. If you wish to help support James’s work in the open source community, he happily accepts coffee donations via buymeacoffee.

Authored Projects

Levant provides templating functionality and enhanced feedback for deploying jobs to HashiCorp Nomad. It features include dynamic job group counts, deployment failure inspecti on, and canary auto promotion amongst others.

Sherpa is a horizontal job scaler for HashiCorp Nomad. It can be configured in a number of ways providing a flexible setup for a range of architectures and budgets. The server exposes an API which can be used to configure scaling polices and trigger scaling actions and can also run an internal autoscaler.

Chemtrail is a client node worker pool autoscaler for HashiCorp Nomad. It automatically scales based on resource allocation, ensuring cost efficiency as well as capacity to meet customer demand.